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Improving performance is what Sherman Burns and his Team are all about. They have coached executives and managers since 1989, helping them improve their work habits, build strategic relationships/teams, resolve conflicts, and capitalize on their psychological strengths. His associates also assist with hiring and outplacement. Sherman’s motto is simple: “Hire the best, grow and keep them.” They get the right people doing the right things to have fun and make money.

The profile of a typical client is a corporation, organization, professional group, or manufacturing plant with 10 – 200 employees and 10+ executives or managers. These are only guidelines – Organization Diagnostics has also worked successfully with larger clients.  Their clients are already successful and committed to more quickly growing their leaders and managers with the help of Organization Diagnostics.

Through seminars, retreats, groups, and one on one coaching, companies like IBM, PolyGram, Northwestern Mutual Life, and MetLife, as well as a number of architectural, engineering, and textile firms have seen marked improvement in the performance of their key players.

“I work closely with executive/management teams, as well as family businesses and individuals, to address the communication and interpersonal barriers which interfere with an organization’s ability to attain its goals.” -Sherman Burns




Conflict Resolution

We have successfully resolved conflicts in organizations for 20 years. Old resentments never cleaned up are a huge drain on the productivity of the workplace.

  • Do conflicts simmer forever without resolution?
  • Does more energy in your office go into “turfing” than “teaming?”
  • Do you have “problem children” who get away with murder? Ones you would like to murder?

Since lion taming has become second nature to us, we have had many years to “write the book” on positive techniques and attitudes which work long term.


For many of our clients, inspirational leadership is a concept they claim to not have the luxury of practicing – since they spend their time trying to keep their ship afloat. Our point is simply this: they don’t have the luxury not to practice such leadership.

  • Did your son or daughter working a summer job (they have no fear of your firing them), confess that several employees told them the janitor has inspired them more than some of your managers?
  • Do you want to be sure you have the right people doing the right jobs?
  • Are motivational speakers only getting your people working at higher levels for a day or two?
  • Employees who leave usually aren’t leaving for money, no matter what they tell you.

In today’s management ranks, even in a tight economy, it is: “Know me as an individual and grow me, or I’m history.” We’ll show you how to know them, grow them, and keep them.

Culture Change


We are often approached with problems associated with changing cultures. Cultures caught between old and new economies, diverse or aging workforces, and ones facing daunting and international competition.

  • Do you wonder how organizations set up and support long term change?
  • Are your decision makers pushing a pencil instead of pushing the envelope?
  • Are your corporate retreats boring opportunities for managers to polish their own egos, take psychological assessments so everybody can have a convenient tag which excuses odd behavior, or to drink too much to try to escape from work?

So if you have some of these 800 lb. gorillas, we have processes and programs which have successfully solved these problems time after time.


If you’re like many of our clients, you spend too much time wondering how to turn under performers into over achievers? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Do you too often hire very bright, but problem employees, whose negatives too quickly outweigh their good points?
  • In your heart of hearts, do you know you could be a better delegator?
  • Would you rather pull out your fingernails than have another “mentoring” or “coaching” session with one of your direct reports?

You are not alone. There’s hope – even for hard cases like you.

One of the greatest illusions in our world is that we actually get to a place in life where we have our act together.  Over the years, I’ve been asked what it is like to be enlightened, or to “have my act together,” or to be a Zen master?  I confess I have no idea what any of those are like; and, that although I am an admirer of the Zen arts, I am anything but a master of them. Perhaps the closest I come to “enlightenment” is having the ability to let go.

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This step by step manual will present the order things will most likely occur in, but if you are a dad you won’t have the luxury of absorbing one thing completely before you go on to the next.  Parenting in the form of consoling, guiding, and coaching will have to come before your own needs, no matter how intense they may be.  But I will show you ways to succeed at that as well.

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Burns is not just another motivational or self-help guru. If you are looking for a way to change your life for the better, he’s your man.

Marion A. Ellis | Pulitizer Prize winning journalist and author

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