I was honored to have my accomplished friend, Joe Travaglini, write the following for the back cover of my new book: Duct Taped Heart.  I am including it in this blog because I think it will help you understand more of my commitment to helping separating and divorcing men in any way I can.  Thank you Joe.

As a retired attorney and former office administrator for a domestic law practice, I was pleased to find this book. It offers excellent advice on weathering the  first year of separation or divorce.  The resources he includes in the book, along with the exercises he provides will benefit any man going through the process of separation and/or divorce.  Too often men find themselves isolated and relying mostly on their attorney to get them through. Sherman’s advice on how to address sensitive issues with the children is spot on because of his background in counseling.  Further, his advice will assist the reader in ‘draining the emotion’ from the process.  Anger and bitterness in domestic situations often spew out onto the innocent bystanders: children, other family members, friends, and co-workers.  Sherman understands the corrosiveness of anger and offers men ways to understand and diffuse their emotions.  Each chapter is laid out precisely and the content is presented directly without fluff.  Every man walking this difficult road should have a copy of this book.

…Joe Travaglini