Oh Hell no! Not me! Sure I can read. I know that something like 43% of first marriages end in divorce. Forget all about that 60 something percent of second marriages do. That was never going to be us. And we have a three and a five year old. I have a pretty good job, and she wanted to go back to work, since the kids seem happy in daycare.

Things were pretty good except for sex, but she just wouldn’t talk about it without calling me a sex fiend. Somehow I don’t think an expectation of a once a week tumble in the hay is excessive. Several of my buddies’ wives are pushing them for every night or two. I thought I could fix this by supplementing a little on the side. Apparently one of her friends saw me go into a motel room with Suzy who I’d dated in high school. The next thing I knew my wife was knocking on the door. She threw my clothes at me in the parking lot and had changed the locks at home. Looks like we should have tried counseling or something before it came to this.

Was your break up honestly a surprise? Once again, honestly, look back. What were the signs? This will help you not make the same mistakes in the future.