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End of year one

The first anniversary of your separation is a tough time. The seasons have gone full circle and for most of us that will bring a flood of second thoughts. I begged both my wives to take me back a year after we broke up. The first one said, Maybe if I hadn’t met somebody else. [...]

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Feels like flunking

Throughout the first year ups and downs will happen. Yes, I know they are confusing, but if you don’t fight them they will level out more quickly. One of my clients told me somebody had congratulated him on graduating from a marriage. He said he felt more like he had flunked a grade. He wondered [...]

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The Legal Basics

Here is a checklist of things you need to collect so you’ll understand your own (and your spouse’s) financial situation. Personal and business income tax returns for the last three to five years. Proof of your current income and of your spouse’s current income. Bank and investment statements. Savings, checking, money market, CDs, from financial consultants, [...]

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Who will you be?

Sometimes I go about in pity for myself and all the while A great wind is bearing me across the sky.                   Ojibawa Saying The country song is wrong that: Behind Every Good Man, There is a Good Woman. A good man must start being behind himself [...]

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Restarting (and the kids)

As you start to date again you’ll need good communications with your kids. How will you tell your kids you’re starting to date again?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When another woman comes into your life, be sure your child does not feel they’ll be replaced somehow. This is emotional, not rational, but how much of a separation/divorce is rational? [...]

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Friends (You will find out who the real ones are.)

How will your family, faith community, and social circles accept your divorcing? Make it clear to friends you don’t want them to take sides: but, obviously, you may not be comfortable around your ex early in the separation (or not early on). I’ve had a few friends I’ve introduced to a woman I was dating; [...]

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