Throughout the first year ups and downs will happen. Yes, I know they are confusing, but if you don’t fight them they will level out more quickly. One of my clients told me somebody had congratulated him on graduating from a marriage. He said he felt more like he had flunked a grade. He wondered out loud to me, Did I get married because I was thirty-two and that was what thirty-two years olds did? Or because I wanted to? Now I am not so sure why. Neither my wife nor I wanted kids, so were we doing this to meet our parents’ expectations?

Maybe so, considering that neither of us has had the guts to tell our parents there weren’t going to be grandchildren. What did we really have In common besides a great sex life?

Quiz: Why did you get married?

What did you have in common?



A relationship which works is a friendship which has caught fire.

Where we mess up is putting the fire first.