A thirty year old newlywed said to me: I really hope I don’t need this information (from Duct Taped Heart and this blog), but I know plenty of guys who need it NOW, and I am glad it is out here.

I also hope you don’t need it. The goal of Duct Taped Heart and with this blog is to chip away at the divorce statistics which in 2015 are approximately 43% for couples who get married from twenty five to twenty nine and compared to 36% for those who marry from thirty to thirty five.

More and more our culture does not require getting married early as a passage to adulthood. So my challenge to you, if you want children, is to really consider waiting till you are at least thirty to get married, and till thirty five to have children, unless you have a complicating medical situation.

So does that sound like you’ll be an old man by then? Sorry, not really, because today if you take decent care of yourself, you can expect to be around at least till you are eighty. So by age thirty five you have a significantly better chance of sustaining the relationship of marriage and raising emotionally stable children who haven’t had to deal with a broken family. Divorce, now the new American norm is nothing to be proud of, even in the best circumstances.

By delaying marriage a bit you’ve got a good chance of having a good relationship with grandchildren and even great grandchildren to enjoy.