I have a friend, around 35, who was talking about how he gets good support for his marriage. Smarter than most of my generation, including me, they have found older friends to act as Marriage Mentors. He can be honest with them about how tough it is, especially now with three kids. I also know some churches are setting up these connections between couples.

Which reminds me that on the internet, I have met several other separation/divorce coaches, I respect, who report hearing from clients what I have, that they find although such specialized coaching is different, they see it as a good alternative to traditional therapy. A coach is a guide, a sounding board, a confidante. A therapist plumbs deeper and more theoretial realms.

I like to think of what we are doing as something operating in conjunction with good psychotherapy. It is not all that far off from Marriage Mentoring, except we patch people up after a breakup. So let’s hope the marriage mentoring works, so we aren’t needed.

We had marriage mentoring in the past.

It was called grandparenting.

                Jerri Moore