Transitional relationships: Definition: Those relationships which quickly follow a marriage or long relationship. Their purpose (often misunderstood) is to help a guy get back in the swing of things, realize all women are not the enemy, and experience again his own sexual attractiveness. My clients never listen to that definition any more than I did to my own guides. They are sure (as I was) the ways of life and love apply to everybody but them. And they are sure the first one they meet is the one for them. Wrong.

This is why I strongly recommend that the just-separated date other just-separateds. That can keep it from getting too heavy too fast since there are built in brakes on both side.

Some guys get very attached even though they tell me from the beginning all the reasons such a relationship won’t work, so it hurts plenty when she quits after she pushs for more than he can commit to. The only plus from this situation is it may be enough to get his attention, so he will move more slowly and carefully next time. Since only time will tell if he needs another transitional for his growth or is ready for something long term. Somehow guys want me to have the magic answer on that unknown.  All I can do is identify and point out the different signs of transition and those of more permanence, as presented to me.