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Where the Divorce Rate is Falling

Sometimes called silver or gray divorce, such separation is growing as the stigma of divorce is lifting even among older people. According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, those over 50 were twice as likely to divorce in 2014 as in 1990. Over 65, the increase went up even more. Several reasons: [...]

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Home Free Pass

Just like with a physical death, in the first year of separation you should be given a 'home free pass' to only be at 90%, or on some really bad days maybe down to 70%, of your usual competence. That is across the board from work, to friends, to home. Don't be embarrased, turn right into [...]

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More on Friends

When I start talking to guys about how important it is to have true friends at tough times, they often ask, how do I know if I have a true friend.   Finally! an easy question. Here is the simple test. If, without hesitation, you would ask them to help you in the hospital, that’s [...]

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