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The profile of a typical client is a corporation, organization, professional group, or manufacturing plant with 10 – 200 employees and 10+ executives or managers. These are only guidelines – Organization Diagnostics has also worked successfully with larger clients.  Their clients are already successful and committed to more quickly growing their leaders and managers with the help of Organization Diagnostics.

The Diagnostics

1) To begin, primarily through interviews, we identify and clarify your problems. Then we meet with you to determine if you want to move forward with our recommendations.
2) On moving forward, we assess, in more depth, your ‘war zone’.  If necessary, we use assessments to determine: who are your wounded?  Who’s on life support? Your fatalities?  Yes, most organizations have a few of each.  We quickly find out who are your survivors; and, most importantly, we’ll identify who are your real contributors, and we work with you on the best ways to grow and keep them.
3) Our job is to do what we’ve done in many organizations: get your employees charged up.  To move them from a reactive mindset of putting out fires to a proactive one of creating new opportunities.
4)  We determine what kind of stress is pulling down your employees, and how that’s happening.  Then we work with you and them to counteract that stress.


The Tuneup    You’ll get a roadmap with:


1) A schedule of how the consultation will unfold and  the time that will be required.  This will include regularly scheduled meetings with senior management to review and continuously refine the consulting process.
2) Specific recommendations and goals to be achieved.
3) Projected outcomes and results, and how we’ll work closely with you to achieve those results.  We’ll take the guesswork out of it for you.
4) A schedule for follow up and support, typically for several months after completion of the project.  Sherman feels strongly about the importance of such followup: this is not a frivolous add on.  It can be a critical difference maker.  Many consulting projects have failed because of a lack of appropriate follow up. Sherman wants to be available for you to ensure your organization does not fall back into old, unproductive habits
Through seminars, retreats, groups, and one on one coaching, companies like IBM, PolyGram, Northwestern Mutual Life, and MetLife, as well as a number of architectural, engineering, and textile firms have seen marked improvement in the performance of their key players.

Sherman Burns, M.Ed., President

Executive Coaching / Human-Side Leadership Strategies

A former teacher and writer, Sherman Burns, through newspapers columns and an organization he founded, was one of the pioneers in the U.S. showing men how to balance life and work. He has a Masters of Education, and incorporated five years of counseling studies into organizational coaching programs. As well as his own extensive consulting practice, he has run and developed Burns Associates since 1989.

When I was Managing Consultant and Senior Strategist for one of the most successful not-for-profit consulting firms in the U.S., our group interviewed a number of organizational psychologists and consultants with a similar skill base. For several of our most complicated and ego-driven clients, I believe Sherman Burns was the only one I’d met with the skills, experience, commitment, and personal power to move their management and senior officers into more constructive, productive, and positive relationships. I knew many who claimed to be able to effect permanent change, but very few who could actually pull it off. Sherman was my “go to” guy for these delicate and challenging situations.


RON D. LAUGHTER | President & CEO | Henderson County Habitat for Humanity

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