One of the greatest illusions in our world is that we actually get to a place in life where we have our act together.  Over the years, I’ve been asked what it is like to be enlightened, or to “have my act together,” or to be a Zen master?  I confess I have no idea what any of those are like; and, that although I am an admirer of the Zen arts, I am anything but a master of them. Perhaps the closest I come to “enlightenment” is having the ability to let go.

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This step by step manual will present the order things will most likely occur in, but if you are a dad you won’t have the luxury of absorbing one thing completely before you go on to the next.  Parenting in the form of consoling, guiding, and coaching will have to come before your own needs, no matter how intense they may be.  But I will show you ways to succeed at that as well.

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You are one of the few in the area of human relations who can move mountains.​

 Robert T. Slee | Investment Banker | Author of the international best seller Midas Managers

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