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Stages of Grief

Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Far Down. Suicide is a case of mistaken identity. Sheldon Kopp It is truly frightening that as men we are much more successful at suicide than women. Don’t end up adding to that statistic. It takes guts to reach out just because our world has told us it is wimpy [...]

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First Steps after Separating – the Nitty Gritty

Here are the out of the gate first steps. You must protect yourself immediately by gathering your financial records. You’ll find a check list of financial documents at the beginning of chapter seven: Legal. You can be assured your spouse has been advised to do the same thing. If you have them, make your kids [...]

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Breaking Up 101

I was honored to have my accomplished friend, Joe Travaglini, write the following for the back cover of my new book: Duct Taped Heart.  I am including it in this blog because I think it will help you understand more of my commitment to helping separating and divorcing men in any way I can.  Thank [...]

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At Least Consider the Statistics

A thirty year old newlywed said to me: I really hope I don’t need this information (fromDuct Taped Heart and this blog), but I know plenty of guys who need it NOW, and I am glad it is out here. I also hope you don’t need it. My goal with Duct Taped Heart and with [...]

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Pre Nup

We live in an age of much more conscious relationships when we hope for the best, but more and more we realize lifelong learning is more than a cliché; therefore, it is very hard to know if we have matured enough for a functioning long term partnership. That is why an airtight pre-nuptial agreement is [...]

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Courage May Not Be What You Think

Women make four times the suicide attempts as men, but men are four times as successful. Separation and divorce can really exacerbate the problem. Here are a few other reasons: We have more access to guns in our culture. We are more perfectionistic: If you want to do it, be sure to do it right. [...]

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