Sherman Burns Executive Coaching
Executive Development

Developmental Coaching

We define the obstacles impeding high effectiveness, then outline the process to remove those obstacles.  Next, we work with candidates in whatever ways are necessary to overcome those blocks.  Executive/Management change and increased effectiveness is tracked and measured throughout the developmental process


Launch Pad Coaching

Companies are tired of spending time and money only to lose an executive after 6 to 12 months.  We target specific areas to reduce those losses:

1. Identifying and building crucial relationships
2. Fast track assimilation into company culture
3. Problem identification and resolution
4. Defining strategic priorities

 Executive Transition

We are brought in when an executive is facing possible termination.  Damage control includes options negotiated with their superiors as to what is required to avoid termination.  Also, other career options are explored inside and outside of the company.  Progress reports on this type of intervention are frequent and specific.


In Summary

These types of assistance can be offered in one on one sessions, in seminar settings, through HR functions, or we can meet your needs with presentations at your conferences.  To fulfill our commitments to our client’s growth, we provide on going follow up to all of our services.

In spite of major problems from a series of reorganizations , with Sherman Burns’ remarkable, hands on assistance, our $7 million computer systems support group survived intact with a much greater level of effectiveness.

Rita Rice | Manager | CRS Sirrine Engineer

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