Sherman Burns Executive Coaching
Culture Change

We are often approached with problems associated with changing cultures. Cultures caught between old and new economies, diverse or aging workforces, and ones facing daunting and international competition.

  • Do you wonder how organizations set up and support long term change?
  • Are your decision makers pushing a pencil instead of pushing the envelope?
  • Are your corporate retreats boring opportunities for managers to polish their own egos, take psychological assessments so everybody can have a convenient tag which excuses odd behavior, or to drink too much to try to escape from work?

So if you have some of these 800 lb. gorillas, we have methods that have successfully solved these problems time after time.

In my 25 years as a manager for IBM, I have worked with many consultants. It is rare to find the combination of skill, style, and insight which Sherman Burns brings to the job.

Jim Long | Production Control Manager | IBM

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